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Prototype for mac is error!

When i open prototype 2 it says "Error! cannot write to info.plist, there are permission problems, or you are on a read-only volume. This cannot run from within a read-only dmg file."

What should I do with this?
Please Help me guys. I really really love this game.

certain things need to be written inside of the app (the wrapper).  The first time it tries to write is to the Info.plist, and if it fails to write, then it generates that error.  It really can only fail to write if there is something wrong with your drive, or you do not have write access to it.  Make sure your app is directly on your drive and not inside of a dmg.  Also make sure your not running it off a NTFS formatted drive using some 3rd party NTFS software for read/write as that is often problematic.  It should work if its a drive formatted in Apple's normal HFS+ or if its an extra drive formatted in Fat32 or ExFat.

I also have this problem for all my wineskins. Pls help?

It was working fine, then one day it just went like that.

If you get that error, your wrappers are either on a drive that you do not have access to write to... or your wrapper is corrupted in some way.

Does "backing" it up corrupt it?

making a copy shouldn't... unless its like across a network to a different user... or maybe some write issue to an external drive, or who knows what...

If you want the best way to make a backup, just right click and Compress to make a zip file that backs it up and makes it transferable between machines and accounts with no issues.

open the dmg file and drag and drop it to your desktop. then run again, works fine. had the same issue ^^

Suddenly when skinning a new app I encountered the same issue - it turns out that new WineSkin Winery app creates wrappers that are unable to run from the Desktop. As soon as I move the wrapped app to a folder, they run without issue. I hope this helps someone.

I have the same problem where if I download a wrapper for my own program and then open it from the download folder (on Mac Sierra) then I get this very same message.  However if I move the wrapper to the application directory and open it from there, it opens with no problem.  Anyone know why this is happening?  What is so special about the download directory on the Mac?



Curious as to why this is happening.  When installing Pentair Protocal Adapter Updates (Brick Updates) that Pentair has packaged/ported using Wineskin, this is an issue.  

Can someone explain WHY this is an issue or HOW to avoid it when porting software so that the team at Pentair can fix this in the future?


There are things that need to write inside the wrapper... if you put the wrapper in any location where permissions do no allow it,then it fails.  It always attempts to work, and if permissions are denied, then it cannot run, and lets you know.

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