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Wine apps not starting

I have a mac, running Lion, and I have been running a wine wrap of Mount & Blade: Warband. I tried running it the other day and it failed to start after about a month of not using it. When I run the app, the Icon shows up in my dock, and the Title shows up in the top bar, but nothing happens. I'm now trying to run a wrap of Rise of Nations, and am getting a similar result. Wineskin seemed to be solving all of the problems of a mac gamer! But now I'm stuck. Any help would be great!

If your wrapper was made off Wineskin 2.5.7 or older, then it will be dead in OS X 10.7.5+ and 10.8.2+.  The wrapper will need to be updated to Wineskin 2.5.8+ to work.  PaulTheTall.com had some info about this for those wrappers, and videos about how to update the wrappers.

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