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patch to wineskin for LoTRO ROR

I have been running LOTRO thru wineskin for almost a year now with very few problems. Recently I updated to OSX 10.8 and did all the correct updates so it ran perfectly again.

Currently the engine I run is WS9Wine1.5.15 and Wrapper 2.5.8

Yesterday LoTRO launched ROR and updating the wrapper twice allowed me to fully patch the game. Now I recieve an error (doesn't allow me to copy/past) instantly at launch followed by **Finished**

There has been a patch found at wineHQ but i do not know how to patch that update into wineskin. It seems they have the Linux up and running, and a few have stated if they completely rebuild wine in mac and incorporate that patch they have had success. I do not have linux, nor do i have much experience compiling code. My previous backup using bootcamp was erased when I updated to OSX 10.8 and bootcamp doesn't allow anything but W7 to be installed.

Is it possible to patch this code from wineHQ into wineskin using winery or any other means within wineskin?

You can download Wine source code and apply the patch via command line, just like you would for Linux.

When it comes time to compile, yu can use Wineskin Winery Custom Engine build to actually compile it into a Wineskin engine to use...

This part can get tricky though...

To work the easiest, you need to get Xcode installed, and in its options make sure command line tools are also installed.

You need to get the Mac OS X 10.6 SDK for Xcode (Apple no longer has this, but its available in different areas around the web), and put it inside the XCode app along with the 10.7 and 10.8 SDks in theres... its somewhere like Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms... you can find it.

Once thats ready and you have the patched source, you just go in Winery to add an engine, select custom... tell it where the Wine soure is, name your engine, and hit build... in the build terminal window, follow any dirctions likeinstalling gcc 4.2 if it asks.

all that said.. there is also a Native Mac version of this game under beta testing.. so soon you won't need Wineskin to run it.

Could you post / upload your working engine (with the patch applied)? That would be great. I yesterday managed to compile a custom engine (1.5.16 with patch), but I had to change the standard flags to without-xml and without-xslt (if not I would get some errors during compilation). Running LOTRO ROR now starts, but after the intro movie and finishing loading it just doesnt proceed to the menu and stays stuck at the loading screen. The Winery Log indicates some XIO error. The game seems to not being able to connect to the display somehow...strange. I am wondering if it isn't connected to the changed compiler flags.

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