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Two Wine Apps Make me Crash

Yes, when I launch two Wineskin wrappers/apps, it crashes my mac. It doesn't panic. It just shows only my mouse and the wallpaper. Nothing else. Only rebooting helps. Please fix! This is annoying.

This happens on non-English systems more often than English systems, but it can still happen I realize this.  Do not run the same wrapper more than once, or make a ocpy of a wrapper and run it again.  You can also always get around this problem by making the wrapper use XQuartz instead of WineskinX11.

The actual problem is that something is causing OSX launchd to crash comletely, and while Apple should make it more robust that it shouldn't happen... I really need to figure out why its happening in the first place.  When launchd crashes, it takes the whole OS with it because its vital to how the OS operates.

I think I may have found a fix... so that if you run the same app more than 1 time it won't crash launchd.  I'mnot sure why I had the code that way, but it was trying to launch a new WineskinX11 instance every time.  So I added in some code so that if the wrapper WineskinX11 was already running, to NOT try to run it again and just launch whatever was done in Wine in the same one... and no fighting in launchd happens.

However, fighting still happens in launchd if you have 2 wrappers with the same cfbundleid trying to run.  Right now I have it set so that the CFBundleID is made off your Menubar name, or you can set it manually in the Info.plist.  I'm looking into better ways to handle that too, but I should have a few bug fixes or at least improvements like this when I can get 2.5.6 out.  I need to do a new whole WineskinX11 build with it, which isn't a quick or easy part, and I'm going to try to get that done this weekend, so hopefully I'll have 2.5.6 out in the not-so-distant future.

Awesome, thank you! Hope that it can get fully fixed soon :-D.

Also, when I was trying to play Grand Theft Auto IV in a Virtual Desktop, the mouse did not work. Was just staying in the top left corner. If in windowed mode, there is a big offset of my mouse and the actual gta iv mouse. In both Virtual Desktop and Windowed.

I cannot compile a Wine engine because I am on 10.6... Any ideas?

And after the GTA IV intro/Rockstar stuff, it is a black screen and only after a few minutes the menu loads. Any ideas, too?

the 2.5.6beta I used the latest cutting edge xorg-server, and found out its introduced some problems.. going to make a new build with a stable release version thats known to work...


As to the mouse issue, that happens a lot with Xinput2 issues, try a NoXInput2 engine?

Okay, it works in Windowed mode now. But in Virtual Desktop (fullscreen)? Nope.

Wine 1.4.1 NOXINPUT2 here...

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