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Resizing windows

First, thanks to all who work on WineSkin, it really is great piece of software.

The (sort of) issue I having has two parts.

1) If I use "Window Decorations" (Make the title bar look like an osX title bar) then the window is only resizable from the lower-right corner of the frame. When opening some windows, the window is taller than the screen size and I cannot get to the lower right corner.

2) If I don't use "Window Decorations" (Window frames look like Windows95) then I can (and have by accident) move the window title bar above and behind the osX menu bar, making it inaccessible. However, I can then resize from any edge of the window.

Is this a wine "quirk" that I have to live with? or even normal?

Thanks for any response.

XQuartz/X11 with the quartz-wm window manager for decorations still has not been updated to the Lion way of doing things.  On Snow Leopard and older, you could only resize from the bottom right, it was only added in 10.7 to resize from any edge.  As far as i can tell in my own tests, this has not been updated at all for XQuartz, which is what WineskinX11 in the wrapper is built off of (since Wine requires X11).  Right now your just stuck with the bottom right corner resizing like older versions of OSX.

As to dragging the top of undecorated windows under the menubar, this happens too.  Wine has nothing added to it for OSX to know that that menubar is even there to cover something up, so it can be annoying if you accidently do that.

You can play with the screen options to get around some issues, depending on your software, or at least force it into a fullscreen mode to move the windows down and then restart it back in normal mode, if they don't move down on their own next start.

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