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play wineskin conversion using windows

hello there ...

got a game for osx ..obviously a windows wineskin port ... runs like s*** on my imac i7 ..since i've got bootccamp i thought it would be nice to try and start said program using windows... found some .exe files ... can i just start this .exe version of the program when running windows?


maybe, maybe not.. you'd have to copy it over to Windows and try. If its running in Wineskin, then its a normal Windows program... but not all will run just with copying them, some need to be properly installed.

hello ..

well, you are right :-( ... i tried to start the game's exe file but it didn't work .. got a pop up window telling me there are issues concerning dll files ...

it's kind of annoying .. i've got this game on my harddrive but can't open it cause it's not been properly installed ... any known workarounds?


The only games I know of that are officially sold and use Wineskin, are free downloads between Windows versions... so if you have something that isn't its probably an illegal copy anyways... so if thats the case, maybe buy the game. If you did... check the maker for a Windows version.

i'd never do anything illegal... but thanks for the advice ...

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