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2 Disk Game

I have a game, Zoo Tycoon 2 Zookeeper Collection, that has 2 installation disks. It prompts me to insert the second disk when the first one is done, but I can't take the first disk out without force ejecting it, and when i do, it comes up with an error. How should i do this?

Sometimes Wine needs the eject command given to it.  There is a quick way to do this by default in a wrapper on the top menu bar under the wrapper name.  If that eject doesn't work, then usually you can try copying disc contents to the hard drive and installing from there.

You can copy both of the disc as ISO or DMG and then double-click them to emulate both of the discs (that works for The Sims 2 installation, and The Sims 2 uses 4 discs).

thanks, that worked. But when i try to play it, and double click it, it doesn't open. Do i need to have the disk in? Nothing comes up so i'm not sure that that is it.

Send the logs, then we can check if there is some problem. You just need to open "Wineskin.app" (which is inside your Wrapper), click on "Advanced Mode" and then in "Test Run". 2 Log File will be created, then you attach them to a message in this post.

As the game didn't send any error, probably is nothing related with the CD, but you can insert a no-CD crack and try again. If your game is "Zoo Tycoon 2: Complete Collection", you can find a no-CD crack here:


Downloading it now, and redoing my wineskin just to make sure everything's correct. I don't think that that crack will work, as mine is Zookeeper Collection, not Complete Collection

This doesn't have to do with the 2 disk part, but how would i go about doing directx, as this game requires 9. In the same wrapper should i install from the dxsetup.exe, there is one in the disk?

(sorry for all the spam)

Now every time that i try to install it, it comes up with Error: 1063. >.<

don't install DirectX.  Wine has its own version of DirectX built in that is better 99% of the time than using anything from MSes DirectX in Wine.  Occasionally you need something from MS version and that can be added through Winetricks, but you always try first without installing DirectX since Wine's version is already there.

Here is the LastRunX11.log

GOt it to open, but Wineskin gives me an error: 005D.

Here are the logs...It won't let me attach two files so i'll do two posts.

This one has LastRunWine.log

you didn't attach it...

99% of the time the X11 log is useless.

You really shouldn't attach logs anyways... just post them to a place like pastebin.com and then put the links here.

so i looked up the error code, and i got the mfc42.dll. When i look at it now this is what it says in the lastrunwine.log: http://pastebin.com/FjvcUM0g

err:aspi:ASPI_GetNumControllers Could not open HKLM\L"HARDWARE\\DEVICEMAP\\Scsi"

fixme:mountmgr:harddisk_ioctl Unsupported ioctl 4d004 (device=4 access=3 func=401 method=0)

It seems that the game is trying to access a registry, unsuccessfully. Probably you need to install that game on a Window computer, copy the game registry and paste it in the Wrapper registry (system.reg).

Now it's working, but whenever I click something, the cursor dissapears, and I can't exit it or anything. Is there a way to fix that?

If you have 2 CDs, then copy each image/CD into a folder separately and name them 'a' and 'b' (for simplicity). After configuring your wine wrapper, install the game normally and select the setup file in 'a'. When the installer prompts you for the second CD, just change 'a' to 'b' and that should do.

If your cursor is disappearing or you cant exit while playing, changing your game display from fullscreen to window mode should help.

Hope it helps . 



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