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Get TCP/IP server going

I am having a software which has a TCP/IP server running on port 3332.
Usually I open up console and type ipconfig.
Usually I then connect to this IP address and port 3332.
Unfortunately in Wine(skin) it does not work!
Is there anything Winetricks can help with?

networking stuff should be working fine... are you sure this is a Wineskin issue and not an incompatibility issue between Wine and the software you are using?

I don't really follow your config though... is this all on one machine running some server software and then connecting to it... or connecting other machines to a Mac running some server software in Wine?

No, on one machine there's the server running, on another one a client would like to connect from.

I still don't know what the set up is...
is the client and server both running Wineskin ported software.. or which one is?

And it all comes down to how that software is programmed... what its actually trying to use... I'm not sure there is much I can figure out on this.

Server running Wineskin ported software, client running on iOS.

you might looks through things in Winetricks... I'm not sure what the software is trying to use in the internet that could be causing a problem... but there are some things like using a native wininet in there that might help? its hard to know without knowing how the server/client software was programmed

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