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Installing under one account, running with another...

If I install my application (produced by Wineskin) under one account to the:


directory. Then if I login as a different user account and try to run MyApp.app, I get the following error: "ERROR! Launching wineserver failed! No new wineserver PID found!" I also get this if I try to run it off of a read-only disk. Or sometimes I don't get an error message at all.

Is there a command I can run to give the necessary permissions to other users to run this application?

(Or should I have users copy it to their personal "~/Applications" folder. The only problem with this, is that the application doesn't show up under the "Applications" folder on the Dock.)

Winebottler would copy the entire Wine prefix to the users: "~/Library/Application Support/Wine/" folder on the first run. This seemed to get around the multi-user issue.

This is already a bug that was listed in the Task List and fixed...

it actually had to do with files in /tmp made by one user and could not be changed by another.

The fix will roll out with the 2.5 update, but there is no way to fix the older wrappers, they'll still make a symlink in /tmp that will prevent others from running... so the best bet is to update all the wrappers to 2.5.

That's great. I'll test it out, once 2.5 is out.

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