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Splash screen wrapper

Hi doh123 and the Wineskin Project!

You helped me a lot in the last days in creating a wrapper for a lighting control software and I thought of how I could help and support you.

So I looked through the submitted issues and feature requests on SourceForge.net and I found this one:

http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3221732&group_id=292583&atid=2091053(external link)

I think it's actually a pretty nice idea so I took this day to create a Splash screen wrapper in one day.

I have to say, right now it is pretty basic means you only have a splash image to set and a timer. BUT:

The code itself is organized in two Xcode (pure Objective-C) projects.
In order to compile the main project "SplashCreator", you have to compile "SplashWrapper" first.
"SplashWrapper" is a easy to customize project with just a few lines yet. It is the actual Splash screen.
Most likely you will only change SplashWrapper and keep SplashCreator untouched.
SplashCreator is the GUI for putting together the whole Splash wrapper.

For those of you who only need the GUI stuff and no code, check out SplashCreator:
http://bit.ly/n9J5iI(external link) (via Dropbox)

I have no idea where to publish the code... doh123 if you're interested drop me a note to max.iphone.dev at gmail.com and put it to SourceForge or wherever.

That's it for now, hope you guys like it and I keep you up at this place.

Yeah.. I haven't started working on that one yet. I'm working on a few major changes for Wineskin 2.5 and WS8 based engines... trying to get those things finalized before adding some additional features that aren't as a major deal like this one, but I do plan on getting to it.

The splash screen has to be fully customizable by the end user.. no coding, no compiling...

I was thinking of just adding in a window the the X server nib that can pop up. Make it be a certain dimension PDF file, so anyone can just make a PDF exactly how they want their splash screen to look and it will show that.... and offer it on a timer or a click button, and with an option to "never show again" or not... it really shouldn't be too tough to do after the changes coming about in 2.5.

The app I created is no coding, no compiling! And the user can add an image he created in Pixelmator/Photoshop/GIMP... and right now it's timer based only.

I just talked about how to get the code to work for those who are interested.

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