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Building Custom Engine on Lion 1.7.1

I tried to build custom engine using Xcode 4.x, as Wineskin requires 10.5 SDK to compile.. It was totally a failure, However I installed old Xcode 3.2.1 and tried compiling, but it didn't work either.

With older Xcode i can't even compile it normal way, but with 4.x I can at lease compile it. Is there any tweak or trick to get it working on 10.7+New Xcode?

you need to build engines that work only on 10.6+ to use Xcode 4

There is a build script in...

~/Library/Application Support/Wineskin/EngineBase/WS7Enginebase

you can edit it, and find and change 2 things... one change the min mac version to 10.6, and then find the lines where it says gcc to 4.0 and change that to 4.2

WIth those changes it'll build in Xcode 4

By default its only looking for Xcode 3 (preferably 3.2.6)... and only for whats installed to /Developer

Its working!
Thanks a million! You saved my day.

add this info to documentation or something.. I spent 4 hours looking around. T_T

sorry... I'm working on getting some major changes done actually, and when they are done building will be a bit easier... as in you can set your target OS version without having to edit scripts.. and going to try to make it find the different Xcode installation to see whats available. Right now its very... bare bones.

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