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Wrapper won't quit

Hi doh123,

I have a strange problem here: It seems that only at first launch the wrapper quits when exe tries to quit.
After that as soon as I try to quit from the exe the cursor changes to a "working" cursor and nothing happens. It seems like something crashed, the wrapper will never quit. You can only quit it with Cmd+Q.
If you have the time I would be glad if you would take a look at the wrapper I've created: http://cl.ly/AAmz(external link) (via Dropbox). It's a free to use lighting control software.

Thank you!

And, by the way: console (cmd) works now!

Usually the only time this happens, is if the Windows program will not shut down properly in Wine. The wrapper will keep running as long as wineserver is active and running... when the windows app shuts down, wineserver finishes and shuts down, and in turn Wineskin shuts down.

Make sure the app isn't trying to run some kind of background daemon or monitoring where its not really shutting down, but trying to run in the background.

I'm using latest engine/wrapper. However, I recently updated the EXE and now I get this error: http://www.freestylersupport.com/fsforum/download/file.php?id=1543&mode=view(external link) Any idea why it occurs and how to fix it? May Winetricks can do the trick!?

sorry... not sure what to try on that one. There may be a dll override... it depends where that specific function its now using that is failing rests.... or figure out where its actually looking for the exe at.

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