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I'm trying to write a .bat file to open up two .exe files.

I am running RCT2 and I have that running fine, but I also want to run a trainer, a file that runs along side while the game is running. So I was trying to write a .bat file on the a Windows PC to run both these programs at once. If I put them in separate bottles they won't recognize each other.

So would someone please tell me the paths to these executables? I can figure out the later part of the string but I don't know where to star. Would I write it under:

start d/ "C:\Program Files...or something else?

Thank you all!

yes, you can use normal Windows path from C: drive.  Anything running in Wine, including a bat file sees C: as the drive_c folder in your wrapper...

say you had a bath file with these two...

start C:\windows\notepad.exe

start C:\windows\regedit.exe

then if that was set as the main executable, then notepad and regedit would both launch when you ran it.

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