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Custom building Wine 1.1.20

I'm trying to build Wine 1.1.20 in Wineskin using the custom build feature, and get a bunch of errors about xml and xslt. Since I don't need them, I turn them off in the configuration, and then get the attached output. There seems to be a problem about architecture mismatch, but I'm not really sure (and much less sure about how to fix it). Any suggesions?

There were some changes sometime around... 1.1.25 to handle better on Macs that were 32/64 ... I've never gotten anything older than 1.1.25 to compile right on 10.6 or 10.7... If I build on an actual 10.5 machine I can build back to 1.1.5 ok.

I wonder if we could use a WM for that?


A few of the really old versions won't even build right on 10.5 if you have a 64 bit capable processor... but this was back when Wine was first trying to start supporting Mac OS X, so of course it wasn't working great yet.

Why do you need such an old version though?

There was a regression in the 1.1.21, which broke the network gaming capability for Rise Of Nations. The discussion on Wine's Bugzilla(external link) led to nothing, so the only possible way for me to play with my friends without a dual-boot is compiling the newest version without the regression.

I checked my older versions and notes. I was never able to get 1.1.20 to compile at all on any version of OSX.... its some bug in that specific version.

I just put together a WS7Wine1.1.19 up for download with all the other engines... grab it and see if it works.

Uh, it keeps spitting out "Error reading xml file". That is also an issue with later versions of Wine, but before I could manage to fix it by installing msxml4 from winetricks, and now that doesn't seem to work. Anyway, I'll keep trying.

Hey! Funny timing on this, I was working on this last night and happened to find and try this new (old) build without knowing anything about this thread.

I too got the XML error when I tried to change the engine in an existing wrapper. However, I got it to install and run fine when starting from scratch with that engine. I had to force a GDI cursor in the game settings, to avoid a transparent-ish square around it, but other than that it seemed to play just like in the new versions of wine.

Unfortunately, "just like" includes the same network error. The thread which is mentioned above theorizes this has to do with the presentation of network connection state, could that be different in an OS X version of wine versus Linux?

Such a shame. It's a wonderful game, and the OS X version will likely never run on anything newer than Snow Leopard due to the PPC code. I'd donate toward a fix, if I knew someone willing to do it.


PS. It does run in virtualbox fairly well... but I don't really consider that a long term solution. Parallels would likely be even better.

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