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Is there anyway to automate Winetricks component installations?

I'm to constructing a Wrapper for an application and repeatedly trying various combinations of Winetricks components.

It's painful to repeatedly install the same components via the GUI. Under Ubuntu Winetricks is run from a command line and will accept multiple components for installation. Is it possible to enhance the GUI to allow multiple items to be selected? Or perhaps to be able to manually type a list of components because the installation order may make a difference.

Right now... no... but I know its annoying and extremely basic.

This is already in the Task List... Please add any comments you think are appropriate below...

https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3221723&group_id=292583&atid=2091053(external link)

I have not gotten to it yet. If anyone else wants to work on it and submit patches to me, that would be great, or I'll get to it when I can.

If it's basic scripting then I can help.

As a work around can you detail a command line that would launch winetricks into the correct prefix?

Winetricks itself is a bash script, but Wineskin uses stock unmodified Winetricks and makes a GUI front end for it.

Syao is already been working some on a better GUI for Winetricks... which is all coded in Wineskin.app and runs through Wineskin.m ... so its all ObjC/Cocoa.

I am considering making a button to just launch a Terminal session set up right so people can just use command line Winetricks... for those who choose.

Looks like WS8 has fulfilled my needs. Thank you.

The Winetricks GUI update in Wineskin 2.5 is fantastic... but I take no credit for that, it was all Syao... he saw the need and made it... now for the first time there is large parts of the Wineskin codebase that isn't just my code :-)

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