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GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City installs and runs fine.But when I enter weapon shop I get "unhandled exception" bug.What can I do to fix it?

I do not know about any specific game problems like that...

You can try in Wineskin.app Screen Settings to use the Override-> fullscreen function. This often runs some games with a few less issues.

If you play from launching it from Wineskin.app -> Advanced -> Test Run then you'll get error logs after the crash that may (or may not) help pointing out the issue.

You may also want to try changing around some in-game graphics options. Sometimes certain graphics settings will cause issues and crashes in certain areas.

I attached test run info to this post.

When I choose override screen goes black.

I never saw an attachment.

You can just take the log file and copy and paste it here instead of attaching it.

Override -> Fullscreen, the WineskinX11 forces a fullscreen mode on, then Wine running uses a virtual desktop that draws from the top left so it looks like a normal fullscreen image. If its solid black, then nothing is being drawn.

Remember you can always kill the fullscreen programs just hitting CMD+Q... or toggle in and out using CMD+Opt+A

Attachment was too big.

http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=3050(external link) - they say to launch wineprefixcreate how can I do it?

totally not needed... as noted there, its very old information. If you need to basically do a "reboot" just go in Wineskin.app -> Advanced -> Tools Tab and press Refresh Wrapper... the rest of wineprefixcreate is no longer needed in Wine since before 1.2, and was never needed with Wineskin.

That entry is basically saying.. kill your wineprefix and start over, which in Wineskin would be rebuilding the wrapper, or making a new one from scratch and reinstalling the game, which seems like a really bad solution to a problem.... its basically a "delete everything and start over" solution.

Refreshing wrapper doesn't work.

I never thought refreshing would help that problem... was just trying to explain some things. Just a refresh wouldn't delete everything and start over. If the game really requires you to delete it all and start over to fix crashes, then I wouldn't even bother playing it. There may be some other way to fix it, but there is no way I can have tried every game that exists and figured them all out. Not sure what else to suggest you try.

You may see if anyone has tried this game specifically over at portingteam.com forums that can help. I think someone over there posted they used WS7Wine1.3.12 and the game worked fine.

At portingteam.com they suggest using CXEx.

CXEx is just an illegal hack of Crossover, so I wouldn't recommend using any of those. I'm a moderator (and labeled Admin because I help with some stuff) over at portingteam.com, but I don't have any say in their use of illegal hacks of software. Technically there is nothing you can get working in CXS/CXZ/CXEx that won't work in Wineskin... its just a few titles work much easier that way because Crossover is specifically changed to support certain titles... its nothing anyone at portingteam did since they just hack Crossover. You can use Crossover's Wine builds with Wineskin.. thats what the CX and CXG engines are. These are made from Wine source that they make freely available, not hacked straight from Crossover.

this link is a "working" CXZ wrapper
http://forum.portingteam.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=4166(external link)

I'm not sure which "Black Diamond" is... I think its Crossover 9 something. You should be abel to convert that wrapper to Wineskin and try a few engine versions... maybe it'll work right.
http://wineskin.doh123.com/tiki-index.php?page=Can+I+convert+other+wrapper+types+to+Wineskin+wrappers(external link)

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