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Problem of map scrolling with Warcraft III (multi screens)


Thanks for this excellent project and I love it so much.

I've successfully run Warcraft III and everything seems fine except the mouse scrolling.

I have two monitors, the main one on the right and a secondary one on the left. Warcraft runs full-screen on the main monitor. When i want to scroll the map, I move the mouse to the left side of my main screen and i guess the mouse actually goes out of the main screen and gets into the secondary screen. So when i want to stop map scrolling and pull the cursor back, i can feel a lag because it has to go across the secondary screen firstly then gets back into my main screen.

This is a problem I haven't found a fix for yet.  At least Multimonitors work with fullscreen now, it used to not at all  :-)

The issue is that Wine was originally, and mainly made for Linux, and other OSes that use X11 as the main Windowing system.  Sadly this doesn't help much on OSX since X11 has to be run on top.  I make a custom X11 version for Wineskin built in to the wrappers (WineskinX11) and try to make it work best for it as possible, but running a windowing server on top of another leads to many issues... and this is a problem I haven't devised a fix for.

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