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dungeon keeper 2 mouse fix

hey i wanna play dungeon keeper 2 on my mac so i downloaded wineskin and so on i can enter the game and it works fine but the mouse is completely screwed i can barly use it it kinda goes everywhere im not trying to get it please help me fix it

Try any engine with a Wine version thats older than 1.3.15 and see if it works...

WS7Wine1.2.3, WS7Wine1.3.5 and WS7Wine1.3.9 I've had the most luck with for the moment

i allready use an older version than 1.3.15
the game works fine its only the mouse

have you tried all three MouseWarpOverride settings you can enter in the Registry?

http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys(external link)

Basically in regedit, under current user -> Software -> Wine -> DirectInput
you can add a string called MouseWarpOverride
then try the 3 settings... of enable, disabled, and force... see if any of them help.

Also, the mouse will behave slightly different in some programs when using the Override->Fullscreen or Virtual Desktop settings in Wineskin.app Screen Settings.


I was the same problem about the mouse and i was going to be crazy... XD

But the solution posted by Doh123 saved me, i added the string "MouseWarpOverride", after creating the Folder "DirectInput" in the path which was written in the post, and set by "disable" and now it works!

Thanks a lot!


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