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Wineskin 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 !

Published by doh123 on 2014-03-21

All known issues have been fixed from beta 2.  Please find any other problems and let me know so I can get them fixed before release!

Wineskin 2.6.0 RC 1 Download

Fixes in RC 1

  • the Uninstaller button in Wineskin.app should work now if the wrapper was already running when it was pushed.
  • Running multiple tools in Wineskin.app should work with the Mac Driver
  • Running multiple CustomEXEs should work with the Mac Driver
  • Kill Wineskin Processes button will correctly kill processes just for the given wrapper, and clear up the lock file, without affecting other running wrappers of any type.
  • Winetricks update should be parsing Descriptions correctly to always get the English version
  • The D3DBoost checkmark should function properly now
  • Wineskin.app should load much quicker if the set EXE is not found when you try to launch the wrapper.

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