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Wineskin 2.6.0 Beta 2 !

Published by doh123 on 2014-03-21

Here is Beta 2.  Please re-test things that may have been working in Beta 1, as I had to make substantial changes to WineskinLauncher and threading, and how it handles multiple files and re-launches while running.

Wineskin 2.6.0 Beta 2 Download No Longer available, please see... Wineskin 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 !


Fixes in Beta 2

  • Wrapper creation from Winery should work correctly
  • Running multiple tools in Wineskin.app should work
  • Running multiple CustomEXEs should work
  • Opening files in Finder with the wrapper, while the wrapper is already running, should work

Known issues

  • Winetricks GUI is still parsing some information wrong in some descriptions, but doesn't seem to affect functionality.
  • Multiple Custom EXE launchers, and buttons in Wineskin.app tools do not run together correctly if the Mac Driver is being used, only WineskinX11 or XQuartz.

For list of changes from 2.5.12 to 2.6.0 beta, please see the Beta 1 post