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Wineskin 2.5.10 Released!

Published by doh123 on 2013-08-05


Wineskin 2.5.10 Released!
Apologies for the long delay from beta testing to releasing anything... I've decided I'm going to push out releases quicker.  If even small changes are made that can be beneficial, I'll make changes even if its one or two things and put out a release.
Whats new in 2.5.10?
  • Several minor changes for efficiency and fixing possible bugs and memory issues.
  • Wineskin no longer tries to monitor the wineserver when running Winetricks.  This was a useless waste of time.
  • Wine and Wineserver processes have unique names assigned to them automatically, so there is less chance of multiple wrappers interfering with eachother, and some other code can be run a bit more efficiently.
  • The CFBundleID of a wrapper should no longer be auto generated with random numbers on every launch, but instead use the same unique generated name for the Wine process.
  • The unique name given to Wine and Winesever processes should always remain the same unless you change engines in the wrapper.
  • Gamma Correction in Screen Options should work again.
  • Winetricks update method overhauled.  A Winetricks update should take a few seconds now instead of a few minutes.
  • The latest version of Winetricks is already included
You should see the update in Winery, and of course its available as a manually installed version.
Please report all problems and any feedback/requests on the support forum!