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Wineskin 2.5.9 Released!

Published by doh123 on 2013-03-09


Wineskin 2.5.9 is released!

Whats changed?


  • Initial Mac Driver support
    • This will use the native Quartz interface of OS X instead of the extra X11 layer requirement.
    • This is a work in progress that could be buggy and unstable.
    • Option to enable Mac Driver instead of X11 in Wineskin.app Screen Options
    • If you are using an engine that doesn't have a working Mac Driver, the wrapper may fail to work at all until you disable trying to use it.
    • Support in Engines with Wine 1.5.22+ and in CX engines 12.0.0+
  • The Installer should no longer miss exe, bat, or msi files based on their choice of capital or lowercase letters
  • Winetricks should work more efficiently with less chance of weird wrapper launching bugs.
  • Wineskin daemon (the main brains of the wrapper) overhauled for efficiency, to use less memory, and to avoid a few memory leaks.
  • Several launch fixes that could cause a wrapper to not launch after using it once before.
  • Engine used should go into the X11 log along with system data
  • useless TRACE entries from logs when using Override->fullscreen should be gone
  • wrappers should no longer leave tons of useless savedState folders in "~/Library/Saved Application State"  If you have extras in there, you can safely trash them.

It is available for download in Wineskin Winery, as well as the manual download location at Mediafire.com Wineskin download location