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W9WineCX12.0.0 Engine

Published by doh123 on 2012-12-22

I put up an engine based off Crossover 12 Wine's source.

This has the experimental Mac Driver for graphics in it over just using X11.

I am looking to get support for this in Wineskin and get it in more engines, but for now if you want to play with it...

In the registry under Current User->Software->Wine->Drivers add in a String called "Graphics" and set it equal to "mac" or "x11" depending if you want to use the mac or x11 driver.

Since Wineskin doesn't really support this yet, it will still launch X11 like its trying to use it, but the Windows apps should not come up in X11.

Eventually I'll have an option in Wineskin.app to enable and disable this if its available in the current engine, and probably a way to strip X11 out of the wrapper if everything works and you don't need X11.

You should see this engine available for download in Winery.