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Wineskin 2.5.6 Release Candidate 1

Published by doh123 on 2012-07-29

Tons of fixes, but its much more stable and less error prone... so I'd like to release this if no one can find any major issues!



RC1 Changes

  • Updated to xorg 1.12.3 and Mesa 8.0.4
  • The wrapper should be MUCH more stable and hopefully no more Gray Screens of Death
  • Wrapper should work even if XQuartz/X11 isn't installed, though its suggested to have them installed for access to X fonts.

Beta 2 changes

  • Used stable xorg-server 1.12.2 due to many OpenGL issues with earlier beta.
  • When Winetricks runs it should honor whatever is in Custom Commands

Beta 1 changes

  • WineskinX11 built off newest available xorg-server (XQuartz) and related packages (including Mesa)
  • WineskinX11 will not try to double run, preventing a single wrapper from being able to cause launchd to crash (Gray Screen of Death from a single wrapper).
  • Gray Screen of Death should be less likely to happen, though it needs more testing on non-English systems which were seeing it happen most frequently. (Its actually launchd in OSX thats crashing that causes this.  Apple should really make it a bit more robust since the whole OS depends on it...)
  • Wineskin.app was cleaned up a bit on options gets disabled (grayed out) when you run tools that launch the wrapper.
  • General system info is added to the X11 log when the wrapper is run in Debug Mode (Test Run).  What Mac it is, CPUs, Ram, GPUs, etc... nothing personally identifiable like serial numbers or anything like that.