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OS X Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper

Published by doh123 on 2012-07-25

OS X Mountain Lion was released today.

Wineskin does work with Mountain Lion.  Winery has no issues, but Wineskin 2.5.6beta2 works a bit better than 2.5.5, but several older versions still work as well.

Currently Wineskin Winery.app and Wineskin.app are NOT signed apps for Gatekeeper.  I hope to get that changed next updates.

If you try to launch Wineskin Winery or Wineskin.app and get an error saying its not from the Mac app store and its not digitally signed, then the first time you run it, you need to Right click (secondary click) it, and select the "Open" option, and it will ask if you are sure... and oyu confirm you are sure.  It will only ask the first time, and you can actually run any app this way with Gatekeeper running.

When Wineskin Winery.app and Wineskin.app become signed apps, it will be just those being signed.  Since wrappers are made by you, your created wrappers will run fine on your own machine, but if you share them with anyone else, they'll get Gatekeeper warnings, meaning you'd need to sign the app yourself.  If your a developer using Wineskin, thats probably not as tough as it is for a hobbyist, so its probably just better to tell people your sharing with how to use "Right click and open" method the first time they run it.