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Wineskin 2.5.6 Beta 2

Published by doh123 on 2012-07-24

Hopefully the last beta...

(See Release Candidate Post)

Beta 2 changes

  • Used stable xorg-server 1.12.2 due to many OpenGL issues with earlier beta.
  • When Winetricks runs it should honor whatever is in Custom Commands

Beta 1 changes

  • WineskinX11 built off newest available xorg-server (XQuartz) and related packages (including Mesa)
  • WineskinX11 will not try to double run, preventing a single wrapper from being able to cause launchd to crash (Gray Screen of Death from a single wrapper).
  • Gray Screen of Death should be less likely to happen, though it needs more testing on non-English systems which were seeing it happen most frequently. (Its actually launchd in OSX thats crashing that causes this. ¬†Apple should really make it a bit more robust since the whole OS depends on it...)
  • Wineskin.app was cleaned up a bit on options gets disabled (grayed out) when you run tools that launch the wrapper.
  • General system info is added to the X11 log when the wrapper is run in Debug Mode (Test Run). ¬†What Mac it is, CPUs, Ram, GPUs, etc... nothing personally identifiable like serial numbers or anything like that.