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Published by admin on 2012-06-22

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Wineskin is still run the same way it has been, by the same people, but if you notice the URL has changed to a different domain.

Urge Software LLC is a start up company that was founded, and is owned by me, doh123, who started Wineskin.  While I'm keeping Wineskin seperate as its own open source project, instead of paying out of my own pocket in the long term for Wineskin related things, I'm shifting it over to Urge.  The only change this entails at the moment is the website is now...


Wineskin donations will still be kept separate to only be used for Wineskin, this is basically just Urge donating some web space.  Urge Software is primaily concerend with developing original games, not porting but I and/or others will still work on Wineskin related things as well, sort of like a hobby project.

For the moment downloads are still coming from the doh123.com server for Wineskin Winery.  I plan on having all of that moved to urgesoftware.com, but hopefully with the correct forwarding in place, the downloads inside of Wineskin Winery will not break.  If they do I will make sure there is an update ASAP to fix it.