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Wineskin 2.5.4 Beta 2

Published by doh123 on 2012-02-08

I have Beta 2 out, with a ton of changes... take a look.  It *should* be stable, but I'd rather put it up as a test for a while.  If all goes good, I'll switch it to release.


  • updated WineskinX11 to xorg-server
  • updated all supporting libraries to most current
  • File Associations should work correctly
  • Various error detection and handling improvements
  • Fixes to detecting where fonts are on system X11
  • Uses newest version quartz-wm on your system, unless its not found, then uses wrapper version.  This fixes many problems with decorated windows.
  • WineskinQuitScript script added in Menu Script folder to do a CMD+Q shutdown.  Lets software makers have a chance to put in commands and such to do before someone can just kill it with CMD+Q.
  • CD Eject command added to top menubar by default.  Can help getting discs switched  right for multi-disc game installs.
  • If you launch a wrapper that a different user is already using, it no longer causes problems, it just gives an error that it cannot be used by multiple users at the same time.
  • Default settings changed for copy/paste so it should work more reliably
  • Experimental WineskinLauncher using AppleScript added to git.  Its for work in testing how to find a way to get wrappers running on read-only volumes eventually, but is not in use.
  • Default Menu scripts have info on them on how to access and use Wine correctly, so you can launch other programs in Wine or whatever is needed.
  • Known Issue - Prompt on quit option will NOT work unless you delete the WineskinQuitScript


Download it at the link below and manually install it to use it.  Until it is out of beta, 2.5.3 will still be the version Wineskin Winery installs.  The Wrapper update button in Winery will revert back to 2.5.3 so don't push it unless that is what you want to do.

See Beta 3 Release