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Published by doh123 on 2011-09-09

Right now there are bugs in Wine 1.3.26 and later that is causing them to be non-buildable on Mac OS X 10.5.

if you try using WS7Wine1.3.26 or WS7Wine1.3.27 (possibly later versions when the come out) Wine will crash.

For now on Mac OS X 10.5, use WS7Wine1.3.25 or older.  Hopefully I'll figure out a fix for this, but the problem is in Wine coding itself right now.

These engines will run fine on Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 though.

Published by doh123 on 2011-09-05

Sorry for anyone who noticed the website was down for several hours today.

Things have been upgraded, so hopefully the website will be a bit faster than it was... I didn't realize it would take so many hours for some of the back-end things to catch up and be able to get the website working again.

Published by doh123 on 2011-08-30

The old Wineskin Support webform and email assitance has been discontinued.

There is still a backlog of emails from that to respond to, which will be answered... but from this point on, the new Support Forum is the way to go.

The new "Find" tool in the top right will search the entire website to help you find info, including the new, currently empty, forums.  As more questions get asked and dealt with on the support forum, it should be come a nice tool to find answers for people who are dealing with problems, instead of everyything being hidden in personal emails.

All forum posts are moderated.  No forum post will show up until it has been approved.  Wether you are asking a question, or trying to answer someone elses, your post will have to be moderated.  When your post is accepted, it will show up for everyone to see and find with the site search.  This is to prevent spammers, and totally useless posts that have nothing to do with Wineskin support, as well as letting the first response to a post be an official response.

It can be used for comments/suggestions as well, so i you have any, please feel free to share!

Published by doh123 on 2011-08-26

There are currently problems with the Wineskin support form.  After a few days with no support messages, when usualyl several come in every day... it has been tested and there is some issue causing some messages to fail.  The problem is being looked in to.  If you have sent a message recently, it may have been lost.

Instead of the support form, there may be a Forum set up where support can be easier to give and people can search and find answers to others peoples questions as well.  If this happens it will be heavily moderated to make sure it stays to just support, and not chit-chat, spam, or anything else.  Anyone that makes a valid contribution will have posts approved, wether asking a question or trying to answer one, but pretty much all posts will have to be approved before showing... This also allowed an official repsonse to be first to questions posed.  This has been on the idea board for a while, not just because of the current email/form problems... so that anyone can search and see other questions people have asked and may be able to get help that way.

Hopefully this will be taken care of very soon...

Published by doh123 on 2011-08-26

Wine 1.3.27 was released at WineHQ.org today... so I built and have available WS7Wine1.3.27 now.

You should see it as available so you can download it through Wineskin Winery, or the manual download location.

Link to Wine 1.3.27 Release Notes

Have Fun!

Published by doh123 on 2011-08-06

Wine 1.3.26 was released at WineHQ.com.  I used it to build the engine WS7Wine1.3.26, which should be available in Wineskin Winery, or at the manual download/install location as well.

Link to Wine 1.3.26 Release Notes

Have Fun!

Published by doh123 on 2011-07-26

Wineskin 2.4 update is available.  You should see it available in Wineskin Winery, as well as the manual install version at the MediaFire download location

Only a few changes in this version

  • Mapping user folders is much more customizable now
  • Fixed the bug where Override->Fullscreen pushed the picture down slightly
  • Option added to set "Focus Follows Mouse" for WineskinX11, instead of always being on
Published by doh123 on 2011-07-22

Wine 1.3.25 was released at WineHQ.com.  I used it to build the engine WS7Wine1.3.25, which should be available in Wineskin Winery, or at the manual download/install location as well.

Link to Wine 1.3.25 Release Notes

Have Fun!

Published by doh123 on 2011-07-22

Since normally 10.7 Lion only lets you use Xcode 4... and Xcode 4 doesn't support Mac OS X 10.5, you cannot use Xcode 4 to build Wineskin Engines.

There is a way to get Xcode 3.2.6 installed on 10.7 Lion though.  Along with a small modification to the WS7 Engine Base you have installed from Wineskin Winery, you can build Custom Engines just fine on Lion.

To see how to do that, see the FAQ entry about it on the website.

Published by doh123 on 2011-07-19

Since Codeweavers put up source code to the Wine they used for Crossover 10.1.0 and Crossover Games 10.1.1, I went ahead and built some engines with them.  I'm not sure they are drastically different than the one previous versions though... maybe a few alterations.

WS7WineCX10.1.0 and WS7WineCXG10.1.1 are available in Wineskin Winery and for Manual Download.

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