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Published by doh123 on 2012-01-18

I took no action to actually black out Wineskin... too small of a project to raise much notice...

We do need to stop things like SOPA and PIPA from passing though.  We do not need things like that to create a Great Firewall of USA... this isn't China, and the US Government is overstepping its bounds if it passes this more than it already is in our lives.

For more info... Google's page about stopping it has more info...


Published by doh123 on 2012-01-13


New Wine version out... new Wineskin engine out...

Wine 1.3.37 Release Notes

You should see it as available in Wineskin Winery.

Published by doh123 on 2012-01-01

New Wine version out... new Wineskin engine out...

Wine 1.3.36 Release Notes

You should see it as available in Wineskin Winery.

Published by doh123 on 2011-12-29

You can download this beta installer and install it... to roll back to 2.5.3 you can just use the Update button again in Winery since it will indicate a new version is available...

Just check if there are any problems.  It is a newer built WineskinX11 (newer xorg build) along with many newer version supporting libraries.  A few minor bug fixes...

File Associations should work much better (and correctly)... and some fixes for detecting system installed X11 for Font issues as well as other minor fixes to try to keep problems from happening.


Published by doh123 on 2011-12-11


There is an issue that seems to have started since Wineskin 2.5 that didn't happen in 2.0 - 2.4 with WS7 engines.
Some people are having Wine crashes during installation of games near the end that might be associated with DirectX install, but its causing games to not install correctly.
I recently did a whole new WineskinX11 build (which includes all the main supporting libraries and such, the main change from WS7 engines to the new structure in Wineskin 2.5) with everything updated to the most current, hoping the problem would go away.  I gave it to PaulTheTall which first brought the issue to my attention, but he said it still happens with the new build.
I want to to try get this fixed, but I have a problem.  I cannot reproduce the issue on any game I have available to me which makes troubleshooting very hard.
If anyone has noticed this regression, please respond here on which game you have seen it on.  If I can get a big list of games that definitely have the issue, I can probably find one I have access to use to test with, and try to figure out what is going on.  Just leave a comment on this post.
Published by doh123 on 2011-11-16

I tried disabling Captchas for people commenting and posting on the Forum... so it would be easier to use... but it was too easy.

For days I've been spammed like crazy by bots... none get through since i just reject them, but its a huge waste of time having to swift through 50+ spam posts to find 1 or 2 real posts... and I always run the risk of accidentally missing a real post.

Since thats the case, I've turned the Captchas back on as a requirement to post.  I think thats a lot easier overall than requiring registering forum accounts and such, so just anyone can post, and spammers will have to try manually and not by automatic bots.

Published by doh123 on 2011-11-06

Sorry if the website was not available sometime today when you may have been trying to access it, but I was trying to update the Tiki Wiki software, and some of the changes were problematic and I had to fix a few things.  It should all be back up and running now though.  Please let me know if there are any problems found anywhere!

Published by doh123 on 2011-11-04

Wine 1.3.32 was released today, so I compiled and put up engine WS8Wine1.3.32 !  Its in Wineskin Winery as well as the mediafire download location.

Wine 1.3.32 Release Notes

Have fun!

Published by doh123 on 2011-11-04

Wineskin 2.5.3 fixes a problem where you had to click on a window to get focus before you could do anything on it when windows were decorated.  It also allows Focus Follows Mouse option to work again.  Its available in Wineskin Winery like always.

Published by doh123 on 2011-10-21

Wine 1.3.31 was released today, so here it is for Wineskin!  You should see it available inside Wineskin Winery for download, or in the normal manual download location... as long as your are fully updated.

Wine 1.3.31 Release notes

Have fun!

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