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Published by doh123 on 2014-03-21

Here is Beta 2.  Please re-test things that may have been working in Beta 1, as I had to make substantial changes to WineskinLauncher and threading, and how it handles multiple files and re-launches while running.

Wineskin 2.6.0 Beta 2 Download No Longer available, please see... Wineskin 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 !


Fixes in Beta 2

  • Wrapper creation from Winery should work correctly
  • Running multiple tools in Wineskin.app should work
  • Running multiple CustomEXEs should work
  • Opening files in Finder with the wrapper, while the wrapper is already running, should work

Known issues

  • Winetricks GUI is still parsing some information wrong in some descriptions, but doesn't seem to affect functionality.
  • Multiple Custom EXE launchers, and buttons in Wineskin.app tools do not run together correctly if the Mac Driver is being used, only WineskinX11 or XQuartz.

For list of changes from 2.5.12 to 2.6.0 beta, please see the Beta 1 post


Published by doh123 on 2014-03-18

Here is a beta to test some Wineskin changes.  I went ahead and upped the version to 2.6.0 and doing a test release due to some major functionality changes in the wrapper behind the scenes.

Please test this out and let me know of any bugs or other needed features ASAP, so I can make the 2.6.0 release great!

Wineskin 2.6.0 Beta 1 Download No Longer available, please see... Wineskin 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 !

List of changes

  • Wineskin.m background daemon has been merged into WineskinLauncher.  Please test thoroughly, including file assocations, and opening the wrapper from Finder, as well as all other functionality and screen options.  Wineskin.m used to be the main brains of the wrapper, so a lot had to change to get it working inside of WineskinLauncher.
  • A D3DBoost checkbox has been added in Screen Options in Wineskin.app.  This will quickly let you enable/disable the CSMT option for Command Stream in Wine.  This is currently only in Wineskin engines maked D3DBoost, and in the WS9WineCX13.1.0 engine.  It will be in future Wine versions when CSMT becomes standard in Wine.
  • Killall Wineskin button in Wineskin.app should work again.
  • Killall Wineskin button will also attempt to clear stuck launchd process to clear up 10810 errors.
  • Fixed a parsing bug in Winetricks update that caused some entries to have the wrong command names and fail to work, such as corefonts and allfonts.
  • Stuck launchd processes will try to be removed at wrapper shut down, if any.  This is to attempt to prevent 10810 errors.
  • In the git repo, Wineskin.app projoect folder has been renamed from Wineskin to WineskinApp.
  • In the git repo, WineskinLauncherAS (the Applescript version of the old Launcher) has been removed.
  • In the git repo, Wineskin.m has been removed.
Published by doh123 on 2014-03-07

I put up 3 engines today.

WS9Wine1.7.14 - normal Wine 1.7.14

WS9Wine1.7.14NoFlicker - If you are playing a game that has flicer issues in the graphics, try this to see if it works any better.  I'd recommend not using it if it wasn't already flickering, as performance may be decreased.

WS9WineCX13.1.0 - Built off Wine source used in Crossover 13.1.0


Have fun!

Published by doh123 on 2013-09-07

This engine is available now.  It has the patches described here to make Direct3D work much faster.

To enable this function you'll not only need this engine but, you need to change a registry setting.

Run Regedit and go to Current User -> Software -> Wine -> Direct3D and add in an entry called CSMT and then set its value equal to 'enabled'

Also make sure in the same area that you have not enabled StrictDrawOrdering, as it is not needed and will majorly hurt performance.

Have fun!


Published by doh123 on 2013-08-25

Keeping up with the new plan of quick updates to fix problems...

Here is Wineskin 2.5.12

The only change from Wineskin 2.5.11 to 2.5.12....

  • Launching a Custom EXE launcher app should no longer cause crashes from Contents/Frameworks/bin/Wineskin
Published by doh123 on 2013-08-17

A minor update... 2.5.10 to 2.5.11.

I changed some how the Unique Wine names operate.  This should fix a few issues.

The main issue fixed is when Winetricks would fail thinking Wine was finished running and installing programs when it hadn't even started yet.


If you update a wrapper from 2.5.10 to 2.5.11, the Winetricks fix will NOT work until you change engines.  You may choose the same engine you are already running, but it has to go through the change engine process to get existing wrappers fixed.

Published by doh123 on 2013-08-05


Wineskin 2.5.10 Released!
Apologies for the long delay from beta testing to releasing anything... I've decided I'm going to push out releases quicker.  If even small changes are made that can be beneficial, I'll make changes even if its one or two things and put out a release.
Whats new in 2.5.10?
  • Several minor changes for efficiency and fixing possible bugs and memory issues.
  • Wineskin no longer tries to monitor the wineserver when running Winetricks.  This was a useless waste of time.
  • Wine and Wineserver processes have unique names assigned to them automatically, so there is less chance of multiple wrappers interfering with eachother, and some other code can be run a bit more efficiently.
  • The CFBundleID of a wrapper should no longer be auto generated with random numbers on every launch, but instead use the same unique generated name for the Wine process.
  • The unique name given to Wine and Winesever processes should always remain the same unless you change engines in the wrapper.
  • Gamma Correction in Screen Options should work again.
  • Winetricks update method overhauled.  A Winetricks update should take a few seconds now instead of a few minutes.
  • The latest version of Winetricks is already included
You should see the update in Winery, and of course its available as a manually installed version.
Please report all problems and any feedback/requests on the support forum!
Published by doh123 on 2013-04-22

Beta 4!

Changes since Beta 3

  • Wineskin will double check wineserver's lock file folder used in /tmp since it likes to fail to create it.  This should fix some start up issues like when moving a wrapper to a new machine, or after reboots, when the first time ran the wrapper may hang and not launch.
  • Should work better with Wine 1.5.28+ where Mac Driver is default over X11 with regards to wrapper creation and rebuilds/refresh.

Wineskin 2.5.10 Beta 4 Download



Published by doh123 on 2013-03-19

Beta 3!

Changes since Beta 2

  • Reverted WineskinX11 changes so it works like before... it was causing many many issues in Beta 2.

Outdated, please see Beta 4 post


Published by doh123 on 2013-03-16

Beta 2!

Changes since Beta 1

  • Extra Gamma Correction should work right again
  • WineskinX11 is being handled in the new method with generated unique names to help the wrapper run better and be less problematic.

Outdated, please see Beta 3 post


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