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Published by doh123 on 2017-10-23

There is a problem in Wineskin GPU detection code with High Sierra changes.

By default your wrappers may crash or fail to launch.

Currently you can work around this by launching Wineskin.app, going to Set Screen Options, and uncheck the Auto Detect GPU for Direct 3D option, and the wrapper should work normally.

Published by doh123 on 2017-01-31
I haven't gotten Wine 2.0 to compile correctly for OS X 10.6+ like all the other engines.  All WS9 engines are 10.6+.  The problems look to be in the added DX11 code changes, and I don't have a good useful fix as of yet.  For those waiting, you may want to check http://portingteam.com/forum/110-custom-wine-builds/ where others make custom engines.
I am contemplating just upgrading to 10.8+ support and naming the engine WS10Wine2.0.0 so its distinguished from 10.6 engines.  Historically WSx number was always a change in engine structure, but we've been on WS9 for several years.


Published by doh123 on 2015-11-11

I'm planning on making a new website to replace this one... please see the following forum post for info and to offer input.

http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=6771(external link)


Published by doh123 on 2015-11-04

Wineskin 2.6.2 Minor update is available as an update in Wineskin Winery.

This should fix Winetricks to be able to update correctly in El Capitan.

Published by doh123 on 2015-10-10

I just posted 2 new engines with the latest updates for Wine source, and for Crossover Wine source (WS9Wine1.7.52 and WS9WineCX14.1.10).  You should find them for download in Wineskin Winery.



Published by doh123 on 2015-10-04

I've released an update for Wineskin... version 2.6.1.

I think I've fixed all the El Capitan bugs and it should work fine on 10.6 - 10.11 now.

* important point.  This has to change how an engine is installed in a wrapper slightly.  If you update a wrapper to 2.6.1 and it does not work right, please reinstall the engine in the wrapper.  You can just use Change Engine and install the same one back in, but it will install it correctly for 2.6.1 and then things should work right.  Newly made wrappers should have no issues.

Please test 2.6.1 and let me know of any issues.  I'll try to fix any new issues that may be found for a 2.6.2 soon if its needed.

You'll be able to get 2.6.1 in Wineskin Winery as an updated wrapper.

Sorry for the long delay, and not having these issues fixed before El Capitan was released.

If you get stuck with a wrapper that just goes "Cannot be opened" then Right click in the wrapper and select Open the first time you run it.

Published by doh123 on 2015-10-01

Wineskin does not currently work correctly on El Capitan.  The issue is being looked into, but I have no ETA for a fix.  I'll get a fix out as soon as I can.

Some people have been able to upgrade to the latest version of XQuartz, and change their wrappers to use XQuartz and not WineskinX11 and have gotten wrappers to work, but this method has not worked for everyone.

Please add to the discussion here if you are helping find a solution.

El Capitan Troubleshooting

Published by doh123 on 2015-01-27

I've had a delay for a few months getting engines out for new Wine versions.  I'll try to keep up with these better in the future.

I've added to Winery all the missed Wine versions up through the current 1.7.35.

I do not yet have these packaged for manual install, they are only available through Winery.  I'll get those up when I get my main development machine working on Yosemite correctly, since I need that in order to do Apple's new version of code signatures.


Published by doh123 on 2014-03-28

Wineskin 2.6.0 is released today!  After a few weeks of testing and bug fixing... I've had no more reports of problems in the last week to prevent a release.  Please report any problems ASAP, so minor point update fixes can be released quickly.

It should be available for download inside of Wineskin Winery, or manually downloaded like normal...



  • Wineskin.m background daemon (the 'old' brains of the wrapper) has been removed.
  • WineskinLauncher has been expanded to control the wrapper better, including everything Wineskin.m used to do.
  • The wrapper should no longer double run on every start up, which will fix many issues, like WineskinStartupScript running twice.
  • A D3DBoost checkbox has been added in Screen Options in Wineskin.app.  This will quickly let you enable/disable the CSMT option for Command Stream in Wine.  This is currently only in Wineskin engines marked D3DBoost, and in the WS9WineCX13.1.0 engine.  It will be in future Engines when CSMT becomes standard in Wine.  If you check this option with an Engine that does not support it, it should have no effect.
  • Kill Wineskin Processes button in Wineskin.app will correctly kill processes just for the given wrapper, and clear up the lock file, without affecting other running wrappers (of any type), Wine, or Crossover.
  • Kill Wineskin Processes button will also attempt to clear stuck launchd processes for the current running wrapper to clear up 10810 errors.
  • Stuck launchd processes for the current running wrapper will try to be removed at wrapper shut down, if any.  This is to attempt to prevent 10810 errors.
  • Fixed a parsing bug in the Winetricks update function that caused some entries to have the wrong command names and fail to work, such as corefonts and allfonts.
  • Fixed a parsing bug in the Winetricks update function that caused some Descriptions to not be in English.
Published by doh123 on 2014-03-21

All known issues have been fixed from beta 2.  Please find any other problems and let me know so I can get them fixed before release!

Wineskin 2.6.0 RC 1 Download

Fixes in RC 1

  • the Uninstaller button in Wineskin.app should work now if the wrapper was already running when it was pushed.
  • Running multiple tools in Wineskin.app should work with the Mac Driver
  • Running multiple CustomEXEs should work with the Mac Driver
  • Kill Wineskin Processes button will correctly kill processes just for the given wrapper, and clear up the lock file, without affecting other running wrappers of any type.
  • Winetricks update should be parsing Descriptions correctly to always get the English version
  • The D3DBoost checkmark should function properly now
  • Wineskin.app should load much quicker if the set EXE is not found when you try to launch the wrapper.

For list of changes from 2.6.0 beta 1 to beta 2, please see the Beta 2 post

For list of changes from 2.5.12 to 2.6.0 beta, please see the Beta 1 post

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