Why is Gecko not pre-installed in new wrappers? Back to FAQ

Gecko is not installed because many (most) programs do not need it.  It is a waste of space to include things that aren’t needed.


Putting the .cab file inside the engine would increase the engine by around 10mb, and the drive_c folder of every wrapper would then also increase by about 35mb.... and as gecko progresses, these sizes are getting bigger.


an extra 45mb per wrapper for gecko... seems like a waste of space for many programs that have no need for it.


Before Wineskin 2.0, gecko was usually just installed with Winetricks.  Winetricks is taking that method out and not keeping up with it, because there are several versions of Gecko and what version you need depends on what Wine version you are running.  Also Wine has a built in prompt and downloader of Gecko if its missing anyways.


Some of the later versions for the newest builds of Gecko and Wine are still installable with Winetricks though!