What is a Wineskin Engine? Back to FAQ

As of Wineskin 2.5 and WS8 based engines... a Wineskin Engine is simply a stock Wine build.


WS7 and older versions had a version of WineskinX11 (XQuartz) built into them, but as of Wineskin 2.5, WineskinX11 is built into the actual wrapper version and not the engine.





WS8 its an 8th gen Wineskin engine (which is 10.5+ compatible Wine build, nothing more) and it has a Wine 1.3.30 verison build in it.  For Wineskin 2.5 - 2.5.4 you always use WS8 engines.  Starting with Wineskin 2.5.5 you can use WS9 engines as well (which are OS X 10.6+ only), but Wineskin 2.5.5+ still runs WS8 Engines fine.  If you need older Wine versions, just look at the Wine version numbers, not the WS number.


WS8Wine1.2.3ICE would be a ICE version.  ICE means "Installable Compressed Engine" which will install an engine on your machine when you or anyone you share the wrapper with runs it.  Every wraper you have that uses the same ICE version will share the same engine files.  This will result in smaller wrappers, and overall less usage of hard drive space if you have a few wrappers all using the same ICE version.