What is XQuartz? Back to FAQ

Xquartz is a x.org based X11 server that runs on top of Mac OS X.  X11 is the default windowing tool that Wine uses, because most other non-Windows operating systems use X11 as their main windowing system.  Mac OS X does not, so a version has to be run on top that Wine can use.  It makes Wine ran programs not integrate quite as well like a native app would.


Wineskin has a custom built version, internally called WineskinX11, but it is very close to normal Xquartz... it just has some modifications to run right for Wineskin.


There is an option in Wineskin 2.5.5+ that lets you use the system installed XQuartz instead of the wrapper's built in WineskinX11.  This can be useful for testing, or getting around bugs that may be fixedin XQuartz and not made it into WineskinX11 yet.  Many features will not work right when running through XQuartz instead, but basic functionality will be there.


For more information, see http://xquartz.macosforge.org/