What is Wineskin.app? Back to FAQ

This is the main app you use to customize and configure your Wineskin wrappers!


This is an app that is inside every wrapper made... each has its own, and it controls many things about the wrapper, as well as offers some tools to be used on the wrapper.  All the tools you’d need for a certain wrapper should be in this program, so its always there wether your sharing wrappers or moving around Wineskin wrappers, or whatever... its tied to the wrapper/port.


It is not hard coded for 1 wrapper, so if you move it into a new wrapper in the same spot, it will still work.  It is not required to make the wrapper function, so you can always delete Wineskin.app out of the wrapper if its no longer needed and your wrapper will still function.


Where is it?  See this following FAQ -> Where is Wineskin.app?