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Section 6 - Step by Step Examples

6.2 Wrapper for Neverball


I realize that there is a Mac OS X native version of Neverball, and doing this is totally unnecessary to actually play the game.  Its just a simple game that works well in Wineskin, plus its free... so its good for learning Wineskin.


This was done on Wineskin 2.5.5 with engine WS8Wine1.2.3 but many versions should work similarly


Step by step how to make a wrapper running Neverball for Windows.

  • Go to the following Link to download Neverball for Windows (not the source or Mac version) -> http://neverball.org/download.php

  • Open Wineskin Winery.app
  • Make sure you have a Wrapper version and an Engine
  • Select the Engine you want to use (WS8Wine1.2.3 works fine)
  • Press the Create Wrapper button
  • Enter in the name Neverball for the wrapper and press OK
  • When its done being created, click the button to view it in Finder in the finished window
  • Close Wineskin Winery.app.
  • Right click Neverball.app in Finder and select “Show Package Contents”
  • Double click and run Wineskin.app.
  • Now click on the Install Software button
  • Select to choose a setup executable
  • Navigate to the neverball setup exe file you downloaded in step one
  • Select the setup exe file and press the choose button
  • At this point Neverball setup should begin, go through the Neverball setup like a normal install, using defaults only
  • After the setup is done, back in Wineskin.app, it should pop up asking you to select the .exe file
  • Choose the neverball.exe (or neverputt.exe if you perfer) file in the drop down list (not the .bat files, the .exe files!!) and press the Select Button
  • Neverball/Neverputt does NOT work good with Decorate Windows, so go in Screen Options and turn it off!
  • Now press the Quit button to exit Wineskin.app
  • Back in Finder, double click and play Neverball/Neverputt!


You should now have a usable copy of Neverball.  It should be able to change between fullscreen and windowed, and change resolutions.


Play with it more to figure out how to use things.  Try different screen options, try making a Custom EXE launcher to launch Neverputt.exe, or change the main wrapper executable over to Neverputt and rename the wrapper neverputt.  Make a .icns format Icon and change the Icon too!

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