Wineskin Manual

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Section 6 - Step by Step Examples

6.1 Wrapper for Wine Notepad


This is just step by step how to make a complete Wineskin wrapper that runs Wine Notepad.  Wine Notepad is always included with Wine, so this will be very simple and use stock Icons.  This is assuming you already have an Engine installed.


These directions are written for Wineskin 2.5.5 and Wineskin Winery 1.5, but should be similar for other verions.


  1. 1. Start Wineskin Winery.app

  2. 2. Make sure you have a Wrapper version and an Engine

  3. 3. Select the Engine you want to use (any should work for this).

  4. 4. Press the Create New Blank Wrapper button

  5. 5. Name your wrapper Notepad

  6. 6. When its done being created, click the button to view it in Finder in the finished window

  7. 7. Close Wineskin Winery.app.

  8. 8. Right click Notepad.app in Finder and select “Show Package Contents”

  9. 9. Double click and run Wineskin.app.

  10. 10. Click Advanced

  11. 11. On the Configuration Tab, by the Windows EXE blank, press the Browse Button

  12. 12. Select the file in the windows folder called notepad.exe and press ok.

  13. 13. click the Done button

  14. 14. Exit out of Wineskin.app back to Finder

  15. 15. Double click and run Notepad.app you just created and it should work fine.


this is useful to play with to get some familiarity with how it works.  Wine Notepad by itself isn’t extremely useful.  You can try adding the txt file extension in Wineskin.app -> Advanced -> Configuration tab, and Open With, or drag and drop txt files in Finder on the app, and see how it loads the app and opens the txt file just like a normal fully native app would.

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