Wineskin Manual

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Section 5 - Sharing Wrappers

5.1 Things to do and consider when sharing wrappers


Always remember anything you install may have certain licensing and use restrictions that prevent you from legally distributing copies of the wrapper.  The Wineskin Project and doh123 do NOT condone illegal distribution of other peoples work!


When you go to share a wrapper, you usually do not want to leave the game (or whatever) inside... unless you really want to and its a program you can legally give copies away.


What you’ll usually want to do... if you have the legal right to distribute the program, just ignore removing it and give it away as-is.

  • install games to their default install paths

  • get the wrapper fully working!

  • go inside the wrapper when its done and ready to go and take the main game folder and move it outside of the wrapper

  • edit anything that needs editing (like... personal info in the registry like game website log ins or whatever)

  • *Remove any specific info out of the registry (like game license keys) that you do not want others to use!*

  • delete out extra junk in the wrapper thats not needed if any is there (this is easier after some experience).  This can be extra dylibs inside the Frameworks folder as well.

  • make a copy or zip up the wrapper to share.  If you do not zip it, it may not transfer right.  You can always do this using Compress just in Finder by Right Clicking and selecting to compress it.  It should distribute in a .dmg just fine as well like other Apps are distributed.

  • share it (usually as a .zip) bundled with some directions on how others can install their programs into it.

  • tell them if they need to copy it in from a Windows install, or use the Wineskin.app installer and install to default folders...

  • Tell your users about Cmd+Opt+A to toggle fullscreen mode if applicable!

  • etc etc.... just try to make it really easy for someone else to take an empty wrapper and get their game inside.  Usually this just consists of good directions so they know what goes where.... but it takes some planning from the start.


Information people might want to know about the wrapper if your sharing it.  What wrapper version was it, and what engine... like


Made with Wineskin 2.5.5

WS9Wine1.5.2 Engine

Requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later


Most of this info isn’t totally needed for most users, but its nice to have documented.

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