Wineskin Manual

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Section 4 - Using Wineskin.app

4.6 Advanced - Options

Always Make Log Files - Normally log files are only kept when doing a "Test Run" but this will make it keep logs all the time.  This can cause problems with override->fullscreen not changing resolutions, and for very busy log games it can slow down performance a lot.

Map User Mac OS X FoldersThis will link what the Windows program sees as user folders over to their Mac OS X equivalents for the current user on every run.  If you uncheck this, these folders will have data stored directly inside the wrapper’s drive_c instead of being linked.  When checked you can click Modify Mappings to control where they are linked to on the local machine

Emulate three button mouse - Alt+Click will be a middle mouse click and Cmd+Click will be a right click.  This will prevent games from using these same key combos if they use them, so be warned

Option key works as Alt - If you need your Option/Alt key to work as an Alt key in the Windows program, this needs to be checked.  If you need it to work as an Opt key in Mac OS X, then this needs to be unchecked.  It cannot do both.

Focus Follows Mouse - The Mouse pointer will grab automatically change focus to a new window inisde this one app if you mouse over it, instead of having to click a window to get focus, then clicking to do something.

Try to shutdown nicely - if you Cmd+Q to quit quickly, it will attempt to tell the Windows programs in Wine to do a normal shut down.  This means they should prompt to save work before losing it and such, but this doesn't work perfectly with every program out there yet.

Disable all CPUs except 1 - This will turn off all CPU cores in your machine except 1.  Some games need this, but be warned that this is a system level disable, so while this program is running, you will only have 1 CPU for everything you do on your machine.  It will re-enable them when you close out the application. **NOTE: this may not work on OS X 10.7 Lion unless the system has Xcode installed.

Force use of wrapper's quartz-wm - quartz-wm is the window manager that decorates the windows of the programs to make them look more Mac OS X like.  It uses what is on your system if it finds it since its usually the least problematic, especially if you keep XQuartz updated on your system.  If you check this it will use the built in version in the wrapper instead.

Force use of system installed XQuartz -  This will stop the WineskinX11 in the wrapper from functioning.  This means everything will run under your XQuartz.app X11 just like any other X11 program does or if you use Wine built yourself run command line, etc...  This is useful for testing or to work around issues that might be fixed in XQuartz but still happens in WineskinX11, but then your app will run under a different app and not its own icon.

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