Wineskin Manual

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Section 4 - Using Wineskin.app

4.1 The Installer


There are 2 ways to install programs inside the wrappers.


Way 1

1. Run Wineskin.app and select “Install Software”

2. Select to choose a setup executable.

3. Select the install file (.exe, .msi, or .bat)

4. Go through the normal Install screens.

5. After the install is done, it will detect new executable files and prompt you to select one.  This selection is what will run when you double click the wrapper from Finder, so it needs to be the programs main executable file.  You can always change this later in Wineskin.app under Advanced.


Way 2

1. In Finder, just drag and drop the install file (.exe, .msi, or .bat) on the wrapper, or right click the install file (.exe, .msi, or .bat) and select to Open With the wrapper.

2. Go through the normal Install screens.

3. When done it will just finish... you must go in Wineskin.app -> Advanced -> Configuration tab to select the executable file to run.


NOTE: If the Installer is not a viable option for your program...


If the program just runs and doesn't install, in the Installer you can choose to move or copy the files in the wrapper and not run a setup program.


If all else fails installing... you can often install the program in Windows, then just move the finished installed version over into the wrapper as well.  Just remember if you do this you may need to manually move some registry settings as well.


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