Wineskin Manual

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Section 3 - Wrapper Structure

3.1 A Look Inside a Wrapper


This will be a brief overview of the structure of a Wineskin Wrapper.


To look inside a wrapper, right click (secondary click) it and select “Show Package Contents”


Just inside you’ll see... Wineskin.app and drive_c.

Wineskin.app is the main configuration tool you’ll use, and is talked about in Section 4 of the manual.

drive_c is a folder that all Windows apps run from this wrapper will see as the computers C: drive.


if you look in Contents you’ll see the normal Mac Application Info.plist.  While a ton of Info is stored in here, I’d recommend NOT editing it manually.  Everything you should need to edit in that plist should be available in Wineskin.app.  Just let it do the editing for you.


You shouldn’t have to do anything with the Contents/MacOS or Contents/Frameworks folders.


Inside of Contents/Resources you’ll find a ton of things.  I’ll just point out some of them.


dosdevices is the normal Wine dosdevices folder that keeps symlinks to folders called Drive letters, which windows programs will see as drive letters.


Logs is where Log files from the last run are kept.  You can view them here, or there is a button in Wineskin.app to view them as well.


System.reg, user.reg, userdef.reg are the normal Wine Registry files that Windows programs uses as the Windows registry.  You can edit them with TextEdit.app, or you can use the normal Regedit utility inside of Wineskin.app.



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