Wineskin Manual

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Section 2 - Using Wineskin Winery.app

2.4 Making a Custom Engine


On the Engine List + menu there is a button for “Custom Build an Engine” which gives you the window shown in the picture here.


You MUST have Xcode 3 or 4 installed.


In the “Wine Source” blank, the full path to the uncompressed Wine source Folder is needed.  You can use the choose button to select it and have it fill this blank in for you.


The Configure section is just like building Wine on the command line when you do the ./configure command.  Its best to leave the arguments listed alone unless you know for sure you need to change them.  You can also add in some of the “without/disable” options Wine has available to leave support for certain things out if you will not need them.  This can help make your Engine smaller.  For example, adding “--disable-win16” prevents 16 bit Windows Applications from running, but will make the Engine 10mb smaller.  --disable-xinput2 currently fixes some mouse problems in some games... etc...


Xcode 4.2+ is missing a compiler that can compile Wine right, so the first time you try to build one, it my prompt asking you if you want to install a gcc compiler.  If you say Yes, then it will install and the builds will then work.


Where you name your engine, PLEASE set the first 3 letters as WS9 for normal 10.6+ engines.  Try to not use WS9 if your engine is being built as 10.7+.  I suggest naming it in line with this example...  “WS9Wine1.3.30MouseFixByFred” or something else that lists the Wine version, then something to show its used modified Wine code.

Official builds will always follow this convention too without the extra text on the end after the Wine version (unless its just a configure/compiler option change, like NoXInput2, or an ICE engine.  These will still be stock Wine code).  You really should make your engines have a name that no one else will attempt to use, wether you add a random string to it or whatever...  In the future there may be more options with Wineskin for wrapper built in engines, or system installed engines and such, and if your name conflicts with someone else’s, it could lead to many problems for users, even if you never plan on using machine installed engines yourself.


At the bottom you can download the latest Engine base needed to build with.


When it is done building, you can launch Wineskin Winery again, and your new just made engine should be listed as available to use.  Existing wrappers should also show the engine as available from Wineskin.app->Advanced->Tools->Change Engine if you didn’t want it for a new wrapper.


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