Wineskin Manual

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Section 2 - Using Wineskin Winery.app

2.3 Creating Wrappers


Creating a wrapper is easy.  When you have a Wrapper Version installed, and at least 1 engine installed, select the engine you want in the Installed Engines List, and press the “Create New Blank Wrapper” button.  It will lead you through naming the wrapper and create it for you.


Wrappers made here are placed by default in...


~/Applications/Wineskin  (where ~ means your home folder)


notice this is the Applications folder inside your home folder, NOT your main Applications folder.


You can move the apps to your main folder if you’d like, or leave them here while working on them.


When you create a wrapper using a normal Wine engine, you should get a prompt to install Wine Gecko.  Gecko is basically what Wine uses to replace Internet Explorer.  Just press Cancel in most cases, unless you really need it installed.  If you pressed cancel, and something tries to access the internet in a way that needs Gecko, it will prompt again.


Sometimes the auto downloader for Gecko will not work... for various reasons.  There is an “official” way to install Gecko... please see the Wineskin FAQ which has some Gecko questions for more info.


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