Wineskin Manual

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Section 2 - Using Wineskin Winery.app

2.2 Engines

There is a list of Engines on the top right of the main

window.  As you see in the picture, there are currently

several Engines installed.


If you select an engine in the list and hit the - button, it

will remove that engine.  If you hit the + button you’ll get

a new menu like you see below.

Select the engine you want to download and press “Download and Install” to get that engine.

If you don’t want that engine to prompt as a new Engine available on the main Wineskin window, simply press “Don’t Prompt as New”


Custom Build an Engine is used to custom build an engine from Wine source code, and is discussed in section 2.4 of this manual.


If you do not want to have Wineskin Winery handle your downloads and installs, or if you are looking for an older engine that is no longer available through Wineskin Winery, press the “Download Packages Manually” button, and you will be taken to the official website where you can download master Wrappers and Engines you can install on your own, then they will show up and be usable just like anything installed in Wineskin Winery.

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