Wineskin Manual

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Section 2 - Using Wineskin Winery.app

2.1 Updates

When you first run Wineskin Winery, if you are connected to the internet it will prompt you if an update is available.  If you update, it should automatically download and install and restart Wineskin Winery for you.


If you do NOT update, there can be problems with newer engines or wrappers.  If you prefer to manually update, you can go to wineskin.urgesoftware.com and download the newest version of Wineskin Winery manually and install it.

On the main Wineskin Winery window, once its started, you’ll see an Engine list, and your current Master Wrapper... if you have any of these installed.  If there is ever an updated engine, or updated master wrapper available, you will see a notification on this page.


You’ll be able to “update” the wrapper, which is your master wrapper used for creating new wrappers using the Update button right beside it.


If you see an engine available, just click the + button by the engine list to see what engines are available, and get them... or if you do not want one, you can set them to not prompt you about the selected engine as being new.




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