Wineskin Manual

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Section 1 - General Wine Info

1.2 Wineskin Concepts


Wineskin Winery.app - a tool used to make Wineskin wrappers, as well as get/manage/make Engines and wrapper updates.


Wineskin wrapper -A totally self contained Mac Application that contains everything needed to run a specific Windows program it was set up for.  The Wineskin Engine and other needed things are actually inside of the wrapper, and it can run by itself, wether or not anything from Wineskin is installed on the machine.  A “port” of a program would be a wrapper with the Windows program already in it.  An empty Wrapper is set up for a program, but the program has been removed (usually due to legal reasons) and you have to put your legal copy of the software into the wrapper to use it.


Wineskin Engines - As of Wineskin 2.5 and Engines that start with WS8, an Engine is just a build of Wine ready to go in your wrapper.  It used to contain WineskinX11 too, but that is now part of the wrapper and not the engine.


Wineskin.app - This is a program inside every wrapper made that is used to configure anything specific for that wrapper. Right click your wrapper and select “Show Package Contents” and you’ll find Wineskin.app.  You can also run it quickly as long as the wrapper is not already running, by holding down fn or Alt/Option and double clicking the wrapper.  After your wrapper is 100% ready, you can delete this app and the wrapper will still work fine.


Wineskin is all centered around a “wrapper” model.  You make wrappers that wrap around your Windows program to run it... so that when its done and working, it looks and works very similar to a native Mac app.


Please note that Wine usage on Mac OS X is usually for more advanced users.  While some programs work really easily, some programs can take a lot of hard work, research, and knowledge to get working right.


Luckily with the wrapper based model, you can easily share wrappers.  If you cannot get a game to work you want to play, but someone else has, they can share their wrapper with you, and you can use it to play.


Sharing a wrapper normally involves removing the Windows software folder out of the the wrapper and the person getting the wrapper shared to them installs or copies their own copy of the software into the wrapper to use.  Wineskin is not intended for you to leave in software and give away pirated copies... If you have legal rights to distribute the software, then by all means you can leave it in, thats a great way to go.


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