Wineskin Manual

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Section 1 - General Wine Info

1.1 Wine???? aka How do I get software to run?!


If you really want to know a lot about Wine, I’d suggest reading a lot of information at www.winehq.org


Getting good at using Wine to get Windows programs working is like a learned art.  Its not always easy, and the same methods might not work for different programs.


This section will not be a full “how to use Wine” guide, as that would be longer than this entire manual is.


Things you should really look at and get to know though...


Wine cannot run everything (yet), and some things it can run will not run 100% correct.  Some versions run certain programs better than other versions... the newest Wine version is usually the best to try, but sometimes older versions work better for some programs.


When trying to get a program to work, always check the Wine Application Database (AppDB), and look up the specific program your using.  You can find a lot of information on how other people got it to work with Wine.  All that info pertains to Wineskin as well since it uses stock builds of Wine (unless you make a custom engine), you just have to tailor some of the items to the ‘Wineskin way.’


Know you may have to modify your programs settings or settings files.  You may have to change/add/remove Wine registry entires.  You may have to try several different Wine versions.  You may have to install certain packages, many of which that are the most useful you can do with Winetricks (its in Wineskin.app->Advanced->Tools tab).  You will want to make backups of the wrappers your working on periodically, because very often things you install, will not be able to be removed right, and you’ll need to go back to an old version, or start over.  Do NOT install anything into a wrapper that is not needed.  It not only wastes space, but it often can actually break an otherwise working application.


When your brand new, try to only port a few things that are in the AppDB as working, and follow others directions.  This will help you get used to how some things work. There are also some examples at the end of the manual.


Thats the best tip I can give... when I started I felt lost a lot, and was googling all types of questions and trying to figure things out.  Do not be afraid to share wrappers, and even look at wrappers others have gotten working to see what all they did, so you can understand it better.


If you can figure out how to modify Wine source code decently and fix problems pertaining to your program in Wine, you can also build a custom engine for your wrapper using your own Wine source using Wineskin Winery.


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