Is there a way to run multiple exes in the same wrapper at the same time? Back to FAQ

Yes... actually there is, though its not extremely clean or straightforward.


If you try to re-run the main wrapper at anytime, Mac OS X sees its running so will bring it to the front, not try to open it again.  This adds some limitations on how to run multiple .exe files


There are 3 main options... Batch scripts, Custom EXE launchers, and Menbar scripts


Batch files are probably the easiest way if you will always launch multple programs.  You just write a normal Windows batch file to run everything you want, and put it in the wrapper and set it as your main executable (with start.exe option checked).


Custom exe launchers can be launched multiple times, or as many as you want, wether the main wrapper has been launched or not.  You can create custom exe launchers for everything you want to run all at the same time under the same wrapper with the same icon, and they will all run.  They will all run under the same Icon since its the same wrapper, so every program run this way will run with the same screen options as the first one you launched.


Menubar scripts are much more advanced.  You can edit and make scripts following the pattern of the scripts already existing in the scripts folder in Resources of the wrapper.  This would make entires on the top menubar that could launch other things.  If you are not familiar with bash scripting or programming in general, you should probably not go for this option.  It also doesn't work well if your locked into fullscreen and cannot access the menubar easily.