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When you first create a wrapper, a Wine Gecko prompt should appear and allow you to download and install it if you want it.  Usually you’ll just press cancel.  Gecko is an HTML rendering engine... sort of Wine’s replacement for Internet Explorer.  Its a waste of space in the wrapper if you do not need it. Gecko will make a wrapper about 45mb bigger, so its best to not install it if you do not need it.


If you try to run a program that needs it installed, it *should* prompt you just like at wrapper creation and tell you its needed and let you install it.  You can also get the prompt back at any time if you canceled it by using Refresh Wrapper in the Wineskin.app Advanced menu.  If you refresh and get no prompt, gecko is already installed.


Gecko installs through Winetricks will not always work right, though if you install IE in Winetricks, it will prevent the need to have Gecko, as you cannot have both since Gecko is a replacement for IE... Gecko doesn’t always work right though.



There is exceptions to the above info.  If you are using a Crossover Wine based engine, you will never get Gecko prompts.  This can lead to problems if you need Gecko.  The easiest way to get it, is switch the CX Wine based engine to a normal Wine release engine that gives the prompts... let it install... then switch your engine back to the CX engine.

You may need to make sure you get a Wine version similar to the Wine version used in the Crossover build, which isn’t always easy to figure out... or it may install the wrong version of Gecko, and not work completely correct.


To see notes on how to install gecko the official method WineHQ states, see the following FAQ question...

How do I install Gecko the Official WineHQ way?